Updating google search appliance

You can reuse a decommissioned Google Search Appliance as a decent server.

The newer Google Search Appliances are Dell R710 Power Edge servers.

Dictionaries enable entity recognition to annotate entities, that is, to discover specific entities in the content and annotate them as entities.

Generally, with dictionaries, you define a simple entity with lists of terms and regular expressions.

The conversion process is pretty simple--but this is about as invasive as you can get--so proceed at your own risk.

Entity recognition enables the Google Search Appliance to discover interesting entities in documents with missing or poor metadata and store these entities in the search index.

After you configure and enable entity recognition, the search appliance automatically discovers specific entities in your content sources during indexing, annotates them, and stores them in the index.

Entity recognition works for languages that are read left to right.

It does not work for languages that are read right to left.

You can differentiate it from the older Google Search Appliances by its square LCD.

The older version had an LCD with rounded corners and was based on a Dell 2950.

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