Updating galciv2 without serial code 2 03

That way, when the music does start, the fade effect will not increase the volume past the user's selected volume.

Fixed rare crash in Update Stacked Ships Added code to prevent infinite loop of messages if a ship without survey ability is on auto-survey and hits an anomaly Fixed bug where engine exhaust would be added to any frame with an E in it instead of frames that began with E Fixed "String Not Found" message when trying to delete a custom race Fixed UP Law "Minimum Constructor Speed" so any constructor below min speed will be bumped up to min speed.

Added option 'Move Camera to Selected Colony in Colonies List ' When this option is checked, the camera will scroll to a planet when it is selected in the civ manager colonies list UI Tweak: Selecting a planet no longer deselects ships. Fixed bug where planets that used terraform improvements did not have the correct planet quality after loading a saved game.

This allows you to select ships, then select a planet, see if you want to send ships there, then click another planets to check it out, and see if you want to send the ships there. The stored improvement value for Planet Quality is saved, all other stored improvement values can be recalculated, but planet quality can't be recalculated since the terraform improvements do remain after they are built.

"launch all ships in orbit" and "clear all info icons" buttons hooked up into the main game screen put glow around icons for "Advanced Farming" and "Industrial Sector" lengthened 'Moves' field on stacked ship window to prevent elipsing Colony Management List: Can now set production focus in the list. Fleet Wnd: Displays troop and colonist counts Fleet Wnd: Displays destination Main Game Wnd: Added tooltip on "current money" to show cashflow details (VERY USEFUL) Replaced old planet "sphere.

Colony Management List: Class shows number of unused green tiles. X" file (which cinsisted of an gluttinous 4500 polys!

Added GNN notifications and dropdown icons for the following events: 1) A civ declares war on another civ 2) A civ makes peace with another civ 3) A civ surrenders to another civ Left-clicking the drop down icon will speak to the main civ involved (For war and peace, it's the one who initiated it (or the other civ if you initiated it).

For surrender, it's who they surrendered to (or the icon is removed if they surrender to you). Planet screen now shows max possible population Planet screen now updates its data as buildings are destroyed Fixed bug in the turn event log save code Wormholes now have a light-yellow tactical icon to differentiate them from normal anomalies You can now use the T button on the keyboard to set a planet rally point from the planet management and planet details screen You can now use the T button on the keyboard to set a rally point for selected colony in the Civ Manager colony list Foreign Treaties window: Race logos now have tooltips which display the race name Removed debug info from frame cache Implemented shield on colony list to indicate defended colonies Fixed sorting by net income in colony list Implemented 'Ship Graphic Frame Sharing' system (increased performance, memory savings).

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Tweak to galaxy seeding code to have player starting positions more spaced apart Default tech setting a bit more expensive (i.e.

more resources needed to get higher techs) Example Mod included Changed the default mods directory to Gal Civ2\Mods instead of My Documents\My Games\Gal Civ2\Mods Made it so that the Done button on the Browse dialog is only enabled if there is an Mods file in that directory Destination Cursor is no longer hard-coded ( can support mods folder ) Added a mod for destination cursor color change to Example mod Made star colors read in from Star file instead of being hard-coded.

AI more effective in strategic conquest planning AI more likely to ally together Some AI players will focus more on government techs and diplomacy techs More work on improving AI's planetary improvement handling (it is not designed to be "perfect" but rather "good").

Fix to bug that would cause AI to build an unlimited # of morale or influence improvements on a planet.

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