Updating firmware on kodak c813 camera graduate dating london

The C813 can be used with the company's optional Kodak Camera / Printer dock, and also offers a USB 2.0 connection (type unspecified), through which images and movies can be transferred to your computer.

List pricing for the Kodak Easy Share C813 is set at about US0.The P-Series was Kodak's "Performance" series intended to bring DSLR-like features to a consumer model.The series is now discontinued, superseded by higher-end Z-Series models.three Easy Share camera lines, "series", that separate the cameras into different classes: Easy Share Point and Shoot (C series), Easy Share Performance (Z series), and Easy Share Sleek & Stylish (M-Series).The original products to use the Easy Share brand were the DX3600 and DX3500 digital camera along with the Easy Share Camera Dock.

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