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It will change file permissions to allow read/write access for all groups.

2: Edit your config file and change the line in the 'Files and Directories' section from: set userfile-perm 0600 to: set userfile-perm 0666.

When you save your config file make sure the text editor doesn't add an additional file extension to the file like A more detailed configuration setup guide is available at slennox's eggdrop page Q: How do I a start Windrop?

A: First make sure you have edited your config file settings If you are using Windrop 1.5.2 - 1.6.12 make sure you have also setup Then open a Command Prompt or MS-DOS Prompt Change to the Windrop's directory ie if the Windrop was stored at D:\Windrop\ then type D: (Return) cd D:\Windrop\ (Return) Start the Windrop with eggdrop -m configfilename Q: Can I run Windrop as a service?

Only Windrop 1.6.19 and earlier supported Windows NT4.

Since Cygwin 1.7.19 dropped support for Windows 2000 Q: Does Windrop support Windows XP ?

I've tried also other networks, like EFnet, Xchannel etc.

Since Cygwin 1.7 dropped support for Windows 95/98/ME. Only Windrop 1.6.19 and earlier supported Windows NT4.

Since Cygwin 1.7.10 dropped support for Windows NT4 Q: Does Windrop support Windows 2000 ?

You may still need to set my-ip and/or my-hostname.

#set nat-ip "" # If you want all dcc file transfers to use a particular portrange either # because you're behind a firewall, or for other security reasons, set it # here.

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