Updating ati driver

Not only has this made them a strong competitor to Nvidia, but has also helped them earn a fair share in the graphics market.

No AMD Graphics Driver is Installed might not be a major issue. Mostly as a result of users preferring downloads from specific hardware websites than system manufacturers.

This ensures that the driver you are going to be installing will actually work on your computer.

If the driver is compatible, you can continue to manually installing the driver.

The third reason for such an error might be a beta version being installed instead of a stable version. We take an in-depth look at how to troubleshoot these problems.

Driver/software version incompatibility is a primary reason for your No AMD Graphics Driver is Installed error.

You have finally put your hands on the AMD Graphics Card that you have been so patiently waiting for. You open up your favorite Call of Duty series, and hey!

You can use any Driver Updater Software to automatically update AMD Graphic drivers.Laptop users are advised to use manufacturer provided drivers than download individual files.This ensures your drivers are optimized for your set of hardware.If you see that the version installed in your system does not match with the version suggested by AMD, try installing the suggested version.AMD constantly strives to disable bugs and error that might be plaguing user systems.

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