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He said sometimes he would be watching his footage and sometimes he would be watching there's.

I had a teacher once tell me a similar story how he purchased a set of wireless webcams and somehow the company had given his webcam IP to a grocery store in another state and vice versa.

But there was something so exciting about this forbidden spying. The TV in the living room was very similar to mine.

From the hallway camera, you could see a little of the kitchen in the background. I felt a rush of excitement, followed by a chill on my neck down through my spine. It was always night when I browsed these cameras, but the footage was always visible.

If that's not creepy and wrong, I don't know what is.

I clicked the living room footage again, and the laptop was not there either. https:// Just look at this link titled ' Inside a cute girl's house', people are literally spying on people in their own homes and invading their privacy with them having no knowledge of it.

In my defense, I almost immediately closed the tab when I saw it. It seemed to be a common house, nothing unusual about it. In a panic rush, I pulled my headphones off, got up from my chair and closed the browser.

A couple of weeks ago I came across a list of controllable webcams. He said it was like a common thing to get drunk and watch people shoplift and shit.

It was a whole list of links, each one leading you to a website that showed an open camera feed. Some places were in different timezones, and there was little you could see through the night. He said he actually started to try and locate the location of the store.

Schools, backyards, streets, factories, offices, laboratories. But others showed people working, passing by or otherwise going about their business, completely unaware an stranger on the internet could be watching them. After a while the company corrected it he thinks cause it just stopped doing it one day. This is why you should cover your webcam with tape or something.

From what I read, many surveillance systems were not properly configured and when connected to a wi-fi network, ended up visible on the internet, without even requiring a password to access. But he says he always wondered if they could see him like he could see then on days his footage was correct. I recently went out to to eat with my parents and we met with a family friend at the restaurant, anyway he showed us on his phone that he could hack into other people's webcams in the area with a few clicks of a button, there was a ton within its range to access.

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