Tips dating aquarius men

Many people wonder how to attract an Aquarius man and how to keep him hooked.As the eleventh sign of the zodiac, an Aquarian's dating and love tips don't conform to the norm.Typical seduction techniques won't work with an Aquarian man, but he can go weak in the knees if you seduce him with your intellect.If you have your eye on an Aquarian man and want to turn him on, forget about looking "sexy" or being cute, coy, adorable, or touchy-feely.Intelligent and witty conversation is like an aphrodisiac for an Aquarian man.So, show your smarts about the world and the people in it, say something interesting, original, and express your beliefs and opinions.In addition to all the above, if you want to make an Aquarian man want you; play down romance, be his friend, give him plenty of space, go on with your life, and avoid the word commitment.The ways you turn on and attract an Aquarian man are the same ways you'll be able to hold on to him.

Then you will have no choice but to go paragliding, because really – what else could be more interesting than that?Behind this behavior that many might find confusing, hides the strength of his convictions and the entire belief system that most people don’t even connect to sexual experiences.If he believes for some reason it is best to be alone for a while, anyone around him might claim he is insane because the perfect woman is standing in front of him, and he would still stay alone, firmly believing that this woman will wait if she is truly perfect.He can have sex anywhere, anytime and he needs a partner who can follow.His sexual appetite is big, but he can strangely go without sex for months.

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