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Super short, super sweet, because that person holding the coconut is my husband!As you know, he’s a constant supporter of my blogging endeavor, and he sometimes lends a hand, but for the most part it’s me and a tripod and a remote trigger. He reminisced about a scene from his time in Hawaii: a stand with boxes of hairy coconuts.In the blink of an eye the flesh is scraped into a tight-weave towel , squeezed, blended with the water from before, and a jar of fresh coconut milk is presented for consumption. We ended up cracking four – two to practice on and two to film. We used hammers and muddled our way through the processes.Put that in a scene of beaches, lush greens, and happy people (I’ve never been to Hawaii so this is my imagination speaking) – this coconut milk is not just a refreshing drink. I’m not saying this is the best way to open coconuts – I did a quick search online and found countless ways, including using a chef’s knife (genius), or roasting in the oven.

The aroma of coconut wafts up, feeding on anticipating and increasing thirst.

Because this is a mix of water and fattier cream, the resulting coconut milk will separate.

This is completely natural and if it didn’t separate then I would worry. They don’t taste like kiwi but they’re so refreshing and sweet and almost milky.

After that, you’ll see two distinctive layers and can separate the fattier coconut cream.

This is because the fat has a different density than the water and is completely natural. Using hot water will help coax the fat and flavor out of the fleshy part of the coconut meat.

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