The no nonsense guide to dating women

“It took me a long time in life to realize that I wanted to help others,” she said.

Recently, I was looking forward to a walk around one of the beautiful Minneapolis, Minnesota lakes with a former work colleague – especially since it looked like it was going to be a real “top 10” gorgeous, summer day.

She does this by recommending specific actions for dealing with life’s toughest issues, including codependency, childrearing, unfaithfulness, grief, addiction, and domestic violence.Whether the reader is worried that they married a sociopath or are dealing with the fallout of a divorce, Dr.Margot offers compassionate and reliable guidance with specific recommendations for what to do and how to recover. Margot also frequently contributes articles to Your Tango, giving her advice on everything from healthy communication skills to how racism impacts dating.“Not only is it easy to read, but it is also easy to apply.” Ultimately, Dr. Margot has made a name for herself as a proactive therapist with straightforward advice for singles and couples everywhere.Margot can only show people a path toward health, happiness, and fulfillment, and it falls to the couples to choose to take it. Margot’s book, “The bottom line — it’s up to each of us to learn how to make our relationships better. Her counseling style isn’t to say vague platitudes and ask general questions — she’s more of a hard-hitter interested in truly getting to know what makes her clients tick.

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