The express purpose of dating is eventual marriage Kenya casual cam web house sex

Relationships are characterized by emotional bonding based on each partner's material perceptions of each other.

Budding sexuality combined with emotion, and often peer pressure, leads frequently to experimentation and even sexual intercourse.

The cultural revolution of the 1960s and 1970s transformed many of Western society's traditional criteria for choosing a partner.

Nevertheless, research indicates that fundamental differences between the sexes have remained unchanged.

These criteria have changed since the 19s to accommodate the shift in men's and women's expectations of one another.

Traditionally, the Western model of a heterosexual relationship placed the female partner subordinate to the male partner.

In addition, dating behaviors among these groups reflect how relationships and values change between adolescence and adulthood.

The male partner was expected to protect and support the female partner financially.

In a marriage, the female partner, or wife, was expected to keep the home in order and manage activities associated with child-rearing.

Others date casually as a pretext for finding a suitable long-term dating or marriage partner.

Casual dating may or may not include some manner of sexual activity, depending the dater's preference and level of comfort.

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