The dating advisor for poems

By Michele Meleen Some say I must be lonely, but they'd be quite wrong.I'm happy to be with me even if my single stretch is long.I'm living the single life enjoying every moment until the day comes when I'm ready to quit.By Michele Meleen Yesterday I woke up single and fell asleep the same.

Each place I go and thing I see less meaningful than it could be.Take this chance to look inside or live it up, the choice is only yours.By Michele Meleen Single and ready to mingle Is what my ad might say. Well, get your umbrellas ready single people that day is coming and when I let loose on the dating scene even the Red Cross won't get that place clean, I'll be crushing hearts and killing dreams until I find the one for me.There's no need to be embarrassed about poetry; no one ever has to see it besides you and there aren't any rules about how to create it.There are many other forms of poetry to choose from, and there is no need to even make it rhyme.

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