Teen dating abuse article sandara park and top dating

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month.Teen dating violence can be prevented when teens, families, organizations, and communities work together to implement effective prevention strategies.Consider this example: Tina's parents were watching television as Tina (not her real name) burst through the front door without closing it, and ran into her bedroom. As they approached their daughter's bedroom, they could hear her crying hysterically. While all of these situations are serious and require drastic action, a relationship does not have to involve physical violence to be unhealthy. "We were sitting in his car outside of our house talking, and we got into an argument about his friends. Well, Brad got so mad that he slapped me in the face.You should take violence in your relationship seriously.If you think are in an abusive relationship, you’re probably feeling confused about what to do.

These are all understandable reasons to feel nervous about leaving your partner, but staying in the abusive relationship isn’t your only option. You may fear what your partner will do if you leave or how your friends and family will react if you tell them.If you are financially or physically dependent on your partner, leaving may feel impossible.You must understand that nothing you say or do gives anyone the right to abuse, intimidate, or hurt you. If something feels uncomfortable or wrong with the relationship, then it is not healthy.You must end the relationship, even though it's difficult to leave someone you care about.

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