Ted hack online dating

After a series of bad dates following a major heartbreak, mathematically-driven Amy decided to take a quantitative approach to the playing field and started systematically recording various data points about her dates, revealing some important correlations.

So Amy took the obvious data-driven next step: She set up 10 fake dating profiles, posing as 10 men with high scores on her rating system, and set about using the site as each of these different archetypes.

Webb, like many women entering their 30's, was growing increasingly anxious about settling down and finding "Mr.

Right." Realizing the challenging odds of dating in-person, Webb turned to online dating to better her chances of finding her perfect match.

), digital strategist and journalist Amy Webb — one of the smartest people I know — takes us on her unexpected journey to true love, in which she sets out to “game the system, using math, data, and loopholes” to find the man of her dreams.

If it sounds predictable and contrived, rest assured it’s anything but.

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