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You can also drag files from here into another application such as a text editor or an IDE.

You can select or deselect items by clicking on the checkbox to the left of the item.

For information on the coloring and overlays of the items according to their status, please see the section called “Local and Remote Status”.

Items which have been switched to a different repository path are also indicated using an When you commit files, the commit dialog shows only the files you have selected.

To apply styling to Tortoise SVN includes a spellchecker to help you get your log messages right. Use the context menu to access the suggested corrections.

Of course, it doesn't know technical term that you do, so correctly spelt words will sometimes show up as errors. You can just add them to your personal dictionary using the context menu.

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After all, a tag is considered fixed and should not change.

If a commit is attempted to a tag URL, Tortoise SVN shows a confirmation dialog first to ensure whether this is really what is intended.

Because most of the time such a commit is done by accident.

If you want to avoid committing from the top level folder (with a lengthy folder crawl to check for changes) you can open the commit dialog for one folder and drag in items from the other windows to include within the same atomic commit.

You can drag unversioned files which reside within a working copy into the commit dialog, and they will be SVN added automatically.

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