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We went over the shots and medications I would need for Tanzania and then after I got them, I also got a travel kit with other things I would need.

The whole process may have lasted 20 minutes which is by far and away the quickest I had ever spent in any Hospital or Doctor’s office.

More places should model themselves after Passport Health of Annapolis.”“The nurse was very knowledgeable, provided important details on recommended and optional immunizations that I would need for my upcoming trip to Tanzania, Africa along with a book with detailed information.

I was in and out quickly and the shots were affordable.

For particularly ambitious hikers, Tanzania also provides the challenge of a lifetime: Mt. For visitors who aren’t quite up to the challenge of Kilimanjaro, there are many other natural landscapes to explore.

Tanzania’s landscape makes for impressive sunrises and sunsets.

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She explained things in a way that made both my son and I feel he was prepared for his trip and what to expect regarding possible illnesses that may arise , and the reasons for the immunization that were required.

Make sure to bring mosquito repellents, netting and antimalarials.

You may be required to present proof of yellow fever vaccination if you are traveling from a country where yellow fever is present. Travel safely with Passport Health and schedule your appointment today by calling “Preparing for a trip to Tanzania, my physician recommended I make an appointment with Passport Health. We were greeted promptly in their Fairfield, CT, location by nurse Cindy, who was extremely informative, thorough, efficient and sensitive to all our travel needs.

She had all the required medications, vaccines, extras (such as travel kits, repellent, etc. We even received a cold pack to transport our medicine home which needed to be kept cool and refrigerated.

If you are traveling internationally, this is your one-stop shopping spot for health. I feel that we are better prepared for our trip since our visit.”“The nurse that took care of my sons shots was very efecient and knowledgeable .

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