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If you are interested in history, I’ll love to take you down memory lane.You may have come across or remember a movie which was produced in the 80’s titled “Class”.Some women decided to date younger guys just to relive their twenties or what they missed during their twenties.When it comes to Sugar Mummy dating, this is one question most people gives different answers, but it’s surprisingly simple.Sugar mummy dating is a form of a dating where an older woman (momma, cougar) want to be in a relationship with the younger male (Sugar Baby).In this situation, both the cougar (older woman) and young guy enjoy several mutual benefits.In this movie, Rob Lowe was challenged his shy roommate, Andrew Mc Carthy, to travel to the city and find himself a woman for fun.

Like they basically provide him with almost everything and anything he needs.

A sugar mummy is a woman who is in a relationship with a guy who is much more younger than her in age ONLY.

This relationship is majorly for the purpose of sεχ and companionship.

Sugar mummies are very similar with to sugar daddies, the only thing that differentiates it, is the gender.

A sugar daddy is a matured man who spends money on a younger girl in exchange for love, relationship or intimacy.

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