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Speaking of the end of summer, how much do you hate me for putting the word ‘fall’ in my post title? Basically, things started out low and continued to suck pretty much right up until now.

I’m like those ill-informed Starbucks executives who think people want to drink pumpkin spice lattes when it’s still 90 degrees out. The Summer of YOLO, while a an inspiring idea, didn’t lead to much of anything, unless you count L and I continually embarrassing D with our unironic use of the term ‘YOLO’ (a delightful, albeit unintended, bonus).

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People have been outside, on vacay, enjoying the beautiful weather and living their damn lives.

A fellow driver originally from Poland mentioned other site with Eastern European women - I met a great girl there, twice younger than me.

She came to me and joined me on a big road-trip around USA. Ukrainian girls are simple, they have purer hearts and they are not looking for supermen.

Anyway, if you’ve been following this blog, you may recall that it’s been a somewhat dark summer (darker than Jessie Spano’s pill addiction-hiyoooo), at least in terms of dating.

Psyching myself up to just sign onto Okcupid currently looks something like this: I really only started to think about this after reading L’s tale of downgrading her first date location and remembering that I’ve also pulled that move (making two out of three Stucu bloggers the worst!

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    Joining isn’t cheap, though; a one-month membership will cost you .95. But the site’s description is a little misleading — 18 percent of its members have not had a college education. Open Minded Open Minded is intended to be a stigma-free place for people to seek open and nonmonogamous relationships without fear of judgment.