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"It's amazing how you re-evaluate your view of the necessities when you have to haul them up three flights of stairs," said freshman Tina Flatow.

By the time freshmen were settled in their rooms, the up- perclassmen moved in.

After moving in, freshmen and parents were invited to a barbecue across from Seager Hail, Rail 3rd West residents, Michelle Ev- ans and Brenda Behling, fill their arms for the trip upstairs.

Moving In Variety is spice of life Homecoming activities for All From Oct.

The final chapter in our college years that everyone looks forward to is graduation. For some, this would be the first time away from their families for an ex- tended period of time. Many newcomers to residence hall life brought with them almost everything they owned.

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Elsewhere at home, millions of televisions tuned in to simul- taneous trials of Jeffrey Dahmer and Mike Tyson.Some events that no student will ever forget were the C. There were also some memorable events in the residence halls.Rail Hall held a successful crush party in their first floor lounge. White House promised to frighten ev- eryone with the Haunted House in their base- ment.Across the street at Seager, the "real men" swallowed goldfish, guzzled milk, and added new mean- our lives have fun abound ing to the word carpool. Not only was North End interested in horror, but they were intrigued by murder as well.They held a successful game of "assas- sin" that claimed all but one, Erik Schlesinger. These are just some of the emotions stu- dents experienced on the day they moved in.

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