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It would have been better to just put a chocolate on our pillows.: All the concierge staff were really helpful before arrival and also during our stay I asked them to provide me with pocket Wi Fi for the whole duration of our stay and they did @ Rub 1000 per day ...We asked for porter to collect our bags on checkout but due to some internal hotel issues, the porter didn't come so we had to deal with the bags ourselves.The hotel emailed to apologise which I appreciated but it was still disappointing.

The turn down service was over the top with the cleaner moving around all our belongings which is unnecessary.

We were greeted with champagne and chocolates upon our arrival and subsequent returns.

Hotel was located across the river from the Admiralty and Winter Palace - all easy walks, even in November.

I had never heard of the movies available for rent (they all looked pretty bad) so I looked them up.

The reviews of most were like 'basically unwatchable' and not one of them was a movie that anyone would actually want to watch.

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