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I said, "I'll write about my research, if there's no other way. But the more interesting thing was that I started learning from people.

And then I'll get to do my cookbook." So, I wrote a book on my research. It's a fantastic time to write, because there's so much feedback you can get from people.

It's impossible to overcome this sense that this is indeed longer. Something we don't have an evolutionary reason to do, we don't have a specialized part of the brain for, and we don't do that many hours of the day.

You know the expression, "Begging only gets you so far." It's 28 percent in organ donation.

But whatever the countries on the right are doing, they're doing a much better job than begging. Turns out the secret has to do with a form at the DMV. The countries on the left have a form at the DMV that looks something like this.

"Check the box below if you want to participate in the organ donor program." And what happens? The countries on the right, the ones that give a lot, have a slightly different form.

It says, "Check the box below if you don't want to participate ..." Interestingly enough, when people get this, they again don't check, but now they join. You know, we wake up in the morning and we feel we make decisions.

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