Speed dating how to organize

Jenn told us adding a charity component to her event planning business has gotten a lot of people’s attention, and she’s seen an increased number of attendees offer to help out with her events.

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” Whether she’s writing a thesis paper or launching a business, Jenn lives according to the mantra: Just get it done.

Face-to-face events give singles a chance to put down their smartphones and computers and make a real connection in real time.

Jenn said her the engaging themes of her events will also encourage participants to feel at ease and have a great time starting conversations with local singles.

“Meanwhile, my ability to reach more people grows daily with each social media share.” Jenn’s events have given her the chance to work alongside many thoughtful and generous professionals.

She has partnered with The Love Harder Project, an anti-bullying organization created by Tim Flannery, who is the former third-base coach of the World Series Champion Giants.

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