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“It’s even harder when you are older.” According to Pihera, 76, a widow for a decade, the club holds two mixer dances in which each participant will meet six people. For the 130 people who showed up at a recent dance at Villa Olivia in Bartlett, there were as many as 780 encounters between men and women. The group celebrated a half dozen marriages last year, in addition to a fair number of folks who decided to live together. They sport a different colored name tag henceforth to announce their marital status. Or the roller rink in Elmhurst,” says Pihera, who grew up in Westmont.

Pray, Eat, Meet Back in the day, meeting girls and guys was easy. Communities had groups that facilitated making connections: “bridge groups, church groups, gardening clubs,” says Jim Z. On the second Friday of the month, more than 100 singles 35 and older gather at Wheaton Bible Church in West Chicago.

Joel Mc Nabb started Fox Valley Singles in 2011 after he lost his job in California and moved back to the Chicago suburbs, near his mother. If 60 is the new 50, as people take better care of their health, being single is the new normal, as society becomes more accepting of diverse lifestyles.

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“I like to think there is someone special out there for me,” says Bertha, who has three children. It’s easy to find fellow singles in 2018 thanks to digital innovations such as meetup.com, an assortment of hundreds of social groups, many dedicated to a narrow interest such as photography, architecture or dancing.But the age-old dramas of heartache and fulfillment, romance and revulsion, and Prince Charmings and not-who-he-said-he-was still play out. Further north, the Barrington Singles Group enjoys wine tastings, paint ball and ziplining.Meet Market In the past, perhaps you needed a pickup line if you were single. The list goes on: La Grange Christian Social Network; West Suburban Divorce Support Group; Glen Ellyn Movies, Dinner and More; and even Chicago-area Herpes Singles Club.One theory holds that the fascination or fixation with the digital world is an impediment to building relationships.So will pre-teens and teenagers eventually even more sharply advance the trend of non-marriage? “The kids who are sitting at home alone in their rooms with their face in a screen probably would have been the ones home alone in their room 50 years ago.” Finding Partners It’s OK today to be single.

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