Sirius radio keeps updating

Some times the artist and title is blank or it will display the correct information until the next track and it doesn't update until I press the channel button.

Also received the 'GCI update' and 'Antenna Error' messages. The only thing different is daylight savings happened at the same time period.

On my 2010 Golf my RNS-510 shows "Updating Channels" pretty much every time I start the car and "GCU Update Occurred" about every two or three days.

I thought it was because I had changed Sirius packages as it started a few days after that. After several calls to Sirius I still wasnt able to get my "code" for them.

Sorry to hear about your problem, hope it gets resolved soon! I have yet to get an updating message, that I have noticed, but I dont drive the car very much.

Mine started within a month of me changing my subscription.It only says "updating...please call......" Only had the Tig for a week so I really haven't wanted to bring it back to the dealer for a fix. I've updated my firmware on my RNS over a year or so ago to SW1140 with no issues - until last week.Started seeing the 'updating channels' message almost every time I start the car.I did contact Sirius, and they said I shouldn't be getting that message every time.I also get an antenna error has occurred message, this one has been an on going issue with VW.

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