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Some versions of the Google Chrome browser may cause audio to skip when listening to the Business Web Player.

If you are experiencing skips in audio when using the Chrome browser, we recommend that you upgrade to the latest version of Chrome.

And we don’t just mean a physical blockage, you’ve got to think much bigger. If you think something has damaged your antenna, contact a qualified technician immediately.

If there has been no detectable damage to your vehicle, antenna, or receiver, and you’re seeing this common error message, it probably just means that your Sirius XM radio needs to be reset.

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Let’s imagine that you’re cruising down the road in your beloved vehicle.Perhaps it’s a newer model that comes with Sirius XM radio standard, or maybe it’s your old reliable vehicle that has recently been retrofitted with satellite radio.Either way, you’re driving along, enjoying your favorite music or talk show, when all of the sudden... The sound cuts out and you find yourself staring at an error message. Here are some of the most common messages seen on the radio player and what you can do about them: In most cases, this means that something is blocking the signal from reaching your satellite radio’s antenna. Or did your overgrown willow tree possibly brush the antenna when you pulled into the driveway, knocking your antenna askew? Some of these situations will (obviously) take care of themselves, while others may not.Maybe they are doing some maintainence to the player...updating it or taking off E Street or something like that. Adobe Flash Player (also known as Shockwave Flash) is freeware software used to view multimedia, executing rich internet applications, and streaming video and audio.

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