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When I pulled the crane's lever, instead of going down, it went sideways. The Columbia Jester, reporting on the event, overheard a bystander say about my performance: "These college kids— they don't teach them nothing." (I don't believe there was any other press cov¬ erage of the groundbreaking, since it occurred on the same day President Eisenhower suffered his ileitis attack.) I, at least, will miss Ferris Booth. My 1967-68 Viet¬ nam tour of duty encompassed 13 months as a helicopter gunship pilot in northern "I Corps" (Hue, Dong Ha, and Khe Sanh), a period that included the Tet offensive. De Matteo, I was, and contin¬ ue to be, proud to have served my country as a Marine, but here our simi¬ larity ends. Columbia's history department, in which I teach, contains professors of all sorts of politi¬ cal opinions.

The Marching Band mem¬ bers, fortunately, were used to maneu¬ vers like ducking, which they did. I read extensive¬ ly about Vietnam during my tour—particularly the works of Bernard Fall—and the folly of our involvement gradually became apparent. In the nearly 15 years since I joined the faculty, I have never heard a colleague refer to the political views of a candidate for appointment or promotion.

To the extent that we do cheat against the moral absolutes, we must learn to for¬ give our neighbors and ourselves. Evil and novelty In the Fall issue of CCT, Professor Andrew Delban¬ co asks: "Have Americans lost their sense of evil?"] asserts that we can no longer be responsible because we have lost our sense of the heroic. Delban- co's point of view is belied throughout your pages: in George Stephanopoulos's awe at the "gargantuan feat of rescue and recovery" after the bombing in Oklahoma City; as well as in letters from D. Matteo '64 on the heroism of war¬ riors in Vietnam and David Kaiser '91 on the value of football heroics, if traded off against academic performance.Appar¬ ently, a sense of the heroic and also a sense of evil are very much alive at Columbia.Technically advanced and artistically rich, the Inka art of weaving, many believe, has never been surpassed.This is a small portion of a much larger funerary weaving depicting dozens of shaman figures. COXE/AMERICAN MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY Printed on recycled paper 2 Columbia College Today Columbia College TODAY Volume 22 Number 1 Spring 1996 EDITOR James C. Vinciguerra '85 ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER Donna Satow DESIGN CONSULTANT Jean-Claude Suares CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Oliver Conant David Lehman '70 Laurence Lippsett Thomas M. Taylor '87 CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS Arnold Browne '78 Philippe Cheng Nick Romanenko '82 ALUMNI ADVISORY BOARD Ivan B.

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