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But Meredith changed her mind about that trip after her plane landed in Luxembourg."I don’t know what happened. "And I sent a telegram to him at American Express saying that I was going to go off on my own. And I just wandered.""I have a friend who looks back on all this and says this was my suicide walk. "I was so filled with grief.""By then my father had also kicked me out of my life — or his wife did, and he didn’t fight it — over a very trivial event. I lived in Gloucester for awhile, and met a young man there and we fell in love.

I had very little money with me, and I very recklessly hitchhiked through Europe, selling the things in my backpack piece by piece and heading farther and farther east.""I spent some time in Greece and Turkey and ended up mostly in Syria and Lebanon," she says. Having lost my father and my mother, and losing this baby and losing my community — I think that at that point I just felt that I had absolutely nothing else to lose, and that nothing that could happen would be worse than what already had happened."After traveling for a year, Meredith left the Middle East and hitchhiked back through Europe."I had asked my mother for funds for a plane ticket home. He wanted to build boats on the coast of Maine, and I started living on the coast of Maine then.""I was very happy to be married to this man; I felt loved by him," Meredith says.

Not long after, she was sent to boarding school."The headmistress agreed to take me providing I never said a word for that senior year to anybody about this child," she says.

But the meeting she writes about happened long before that, in 1987. But she still vividly remembers her pregnancy."I got pregnant in 1965. My public school not only kicked me out, but wrote in my record that I was expelled for pregnancy, and not allowed to attend another public school in the state because of that," she says."People think that it was the 60s, but it was not the 60s in Hampton, New Hampshire.

I would like to meet someone who makes me feel The music does. About me, luv music, animals, traveling, going to concerts!

I work with kids, am vegan, and care about my friend..

So it was a very dark and difficult childhood for my son.

And somehow, extraordinarily, he maintained that person that he is — a very tender and kind person."After they were reintroduced, Meredith’s relationship with Ron continued to grow."He really joined the family," she says.

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