Single friend online dating Chat sex usa bot

You know, a site where the person who’s referring you has never met the women, the women don’t know a damn thing about you from what your friend says (which you could have fed to your friend), and basically she has to rely on your friend’s word that you’re not an axe murderer.

It’s basically built for that shy guy who sits hunched over in his cubicle all day at work and doesn’t say a single word to another human being at all if he can avoid it.

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It requires a person who doesn’t have the nerve to introduce themselves to other people to get their friends—if they have any—to refer them to other people.

If they don’t have any friends, we guess either they’re screwed or they really hope someone else’s referral comes near them. For the people who have the confidence to introduce themselves on their own, this site is pointless.

You’ll give people a much better impression than your friends can do for you; for one thing, you don’t look like a coward.

Did we mention that they don’t have much of a userbase?

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