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They make a good pair, despite singing two different genres of music, and belonging to two completely different sides of the music world.

Despite the constant stream of celebrity drama, odd celebrity couples are a topic that always seem to spark conversation among fans.

The work tirelessly at getting the best possible result for the case at hand and they truly care about their clients.

Galluzzo and his team were able to overturn and vacate my guilty plea, then taking a big risk where I could have faced a large amount of time in prison Galluzzo took my case to trial.

When you are charged with domestic violence, it is essential that you retain an attorney who will work tirelessly to make sure that your rights, reputation, and future are protected.

Work With a Former Supervisor for the DA's Office In addition, Attorney Matthew Galluzzo used to be a supervisor at the Manhattan District Attorney's Office in regard to domestic violence cases.

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