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Harris began to simplify and reduce the forms to the point of complete abstraction in later years following the dissolution of the Group of Seven in 1933, searching for the universal in simplicity of form.

"His paintings have been criticized as being cold, but, in fact, they reflect the depth of his spiritual involvement." (5) Harris's paintings prove yet again that it is always better to see the actual original painting in person.

“If we view a great mountain soaring into the sky, it may excite us, evoke an uplifted feeling within us.

There is an interplay of something we see outside of us with our inner response.

Also it is quite likely that their paths crossed several times as Georgia O' Keeffe became very well-known and widely exhibited once Alfred Stieglitz (1864-1946), photographer and owner of Gallery 291, began to promote her work.Harris said about painting the landscape, "It was an ever clearer and deeply moving experience of oneness with the spirit of the whole land.It was this spirit which dictated, guided and instructed us how the land should be painted." (4) Theosophy greatly influenced his later painting.Collectors may prefer final artist's proofs even when they are identical to the main edition In the late 1950s there started to appear other additional prints in excess of the Arabic numbered edition, such as hors commerce (H. Other editions, on different paper or with changes of ink color, appeared and were callee E. These "refinements" are some of the ways artists and publishers devised to multiply the actual total quantity of an edition of prints, yet retain the illusion of a small limited edition by keeping the hand-inscribed numbers low. These "proofs" started appearing on the market as part of editions; they are another method to extend the edition beyond the stated number of prints.TRIAL PROOF is a working proof pulled before the edition to see what the print looks like at a stage of development, which differs from the edition. If the artist is not printing his own edition, the bon à tirer proof is the final trial proof. This is the trial proof that the artist approves, telling the printer that this is the way he wants the edition to look; it is often accompanied by printing notes, such as paper, ink or inking process and it is the one print used as a reference for the printing of the whole edition. A complimentary copy of the print given to the publisher. AN EDITION is the total number of impressions from a given matrix.

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