Shaved head intimidating

Or even more precisely, it's attempting to redefine manliness in a different way than the previous era did.

And there's something similar, although not in the Quran, but there's some similar kind of religious statement in the Hadith for Islam that seems to indicate what the appropriate management of facial hair is, which is a beard.I spoke with Oldstone-Moore, a lecturer in history at Wright State University, about what beards can tell us about manliness throughout history, and about ourselves today.Esquire: You write that "the history of men is written on their faces." Explain that a little.But I think the body and ritual are always very important to the discipline of the self, and orienting yourself correctly to please the divine powers.Right back to the beginning of civilization you see people thinking that the removal of hair is a kind of purification, the removal of the animal self. Very much like what Alexander was doing: trying to elevate your manhood and your personhood to a higher plane.

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