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It may sound like a headline from Cosmo, but a survey published in the Journal of the British Association of Urological Surgeons finds that the nearly two-thirds of women report sexual dysfunction.

The top problem cited among women was lack of desire (47 percent), followed closely by orgasm problems (45 percent).

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Younger women cited problems with orgasms while older women lamented the lack of desire and satisfaction.

These were the most common problems overall: 1) lack of desire (47 percent) 2) orgasm problems (45 percent) 3) arousal issues (40 percent) 4) lack of satisfaction (39 percent) 5) lack of lubrication (37 percent) 6) pain (36 percent) The top three sexual problems by age group, according to the study were: Ages 18-30: orgasm (54 percent), desire (36 percent) and satisfaction (28 percent) Ages 31-45: desire (48 percent), orgasm (43 percent) and satisfaction (40 percent) Ages 46-54: desire (65 percent), satisfaction (53 percent) and orgasm (48 percent) Ages 55-70: desire (77 percent), orgasm (66 percent), satisfaction (65 percent) When a woman doesn't want sex Earlier this year, a highly anticipated so-called "female Viagra," a drug called flibanserin, was nixed by a panel of Food and Drug Administration experts who said the drug didn't seem to really help women with sexual dysfunction.

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