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If it shows, for example, 2 2 2 2 – -, meaning your loan has been due for 2 payments for 4 months.

Everyone has their CCRIS report which can be retrieved by financial bodies and by the individual himself, but not by other people.

Also in all fairness, information on rejected credit applications is not reflected in credit reports so that one bank will not be biased by the prior decision of another bank.

Your CCRIS information could in fact be treated differently and subjectively by each financial institution.

If an individual is located in Melaka or Ipoh, they would need to go to BNM’s HQ to print their reports.

Alternative way to do CCRIS check online and resolve CCRIS problems, without stepping out from your house or office - get your CCRIS report in 30 minutes even during non-office hours, weekends or public holidays.1a. Pay RM 19.90 using Jom PAY via your online banking - Biller Code: 392222.

Loans under special debt management schedules such as negotiated by AKPK will also fall under here.

It could be due to dishonoured/bounced cheque incidents too.

As of to date, BNM still does not have any online facility for the public to download and print their own CCRIS reports. If you are staying out of the BNM branches, you may request your credit report via mail, just complete and send them the application form together with the required documents and fax/send to them.

Usually, a grace period is given so that the report that the collection team gets is shorter and easier to manage.

In short, whatever that comes out in the CCRIS report will depend on how fast your bank report the account to CCRIS, as BNM only compiles whatever that have been reported to them. Loans reported under Special attention Account are loans that are non performing loans (NPL) that the financial institution has placed under special monitoring in view of recovering the loan or in the midst of collection.

After discussing on how to do your own CCRIS check, we now want to know how CCRIS report is being updated.

In fact, CCRIS information is updated on the 15 of Feb.

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