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I want meet new friends more and my interest have `food` net talk to girls -learn any languages if you feel free just add me!

If you not want to learning Kor, I will teach you anything you need, you want..

Most of my friends leave this city after graduation. So i need someone who can meet me sometime and enjoy coffee..

Hope find some friends and can tell, teach me a little about korea too.

PLZIt is okay, you just talk with me in all foreigners^ ^ nice to meet u on korea4home. So I need 2 qualified person coaching bball for youth, if you live nearby here. If you guys want to talk to me, send me a Kakaotalk message. I'm listening CNN Radio everyday and I have passion to learn english. (i'm 35ys male and 2 daughter's daddy).안녕하세요. I come from Malaysia and I can speak chinese very well, English normal only and I just learnt a bit about Korean language.

I have been bball camp business for 3.5yrs in Ulsan but I moved out Ochang( closed to Cheongju, Jincheon ). To meet and know new people and friends is always exciting. I'm looking for a phone call – teacher who can read CNN or USA Today articles together(Ipad or desktop) and corrects my pronounciation. i want to go some interesting places and have funs on weekends!

kakao ID : wnstjqz Hello everyone~ I am Korean, but have been living in Canada for over 10 years, and I am going back to Korea to live there for 1 or 2 years. If you want to chat with me or meet with me for talk, don't hesitate and contact to me!

He is a male and is 24 years old..please add he’s kakaotalk id:krakenhunter he is really good in english and he is teaching foreigners learn english..well,if you want to learn it for free so add him.ya Hi~guys~ I accidently found this site and it is awesome. I can also help you with learning Korean or about Korea. Plz leave me a message with some information about you. We can hang out together talking about things, walking or going for a small trip. ya~ I'm truly looking for English friends who can talk and teach English are interested in korea. This site reminds me of the time I spent in Canada. Hopes can meet new friend here~~.hello lady, this is minho choi living in seoul. anyway, I'm just looking forward to making a friend. I am willing to help you out and having great time with you. It is very interesting that that kind of web site exists in Korea.

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