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adhimisho* (ma-) {more commonly maadhimisho) celebration, solemnity, ceremony.

adhi ifikana adhiri*, aziri find fault with, reprove, criticize; degrade, humiliate; slander, defame.

if the entry is commonly used only in the singular or in the plural.

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In the long view, the future of Swahili is difficult to predict; but, for the present, its position appears to be more stable than that of any other African language.

The older literature of the language, written in Arabic characters, goes back to the seventeenth century and includes a wide range of subject matter and forms, from poetry to chronicles and history. acha, dial, ata leave (behind), desert, labedari* LPort. ] (-) pulley, block abandon; divorce (wife, husband).

There is an abundance of modern material, including perhaps a thousand titles in short stories, poet- ry, scholarly works, and text books for elementary and secondary schools.

*See Marcel van Spaandonck, Practical and Systematical Swahili Bibliography, Linguistics 1850- 1963. When the base form is not in current use, the derivative forms appear as separate entries. Words of Arabic origin are likewise cross-referenced to derivative or related words. Common synonyms of rare entries are given in parentheses: ( = ...) 6.

In cases where derivative forms are much commoner than, or differ drastically in sense from, the base verb, they also appear as separate entries. Derivative nouns (formed with the prefixes Id-, m-, u-, etc.) appear in the normal alphabeti- cal order of the prefix, with a cross-reference to the base word. At the end of the entry for each base word there is an alphabetical list of derivative words (if any) appearing as main entries in this dictionary: Cf. Each noun is followed by its plural prefix in parentheses or by the indications sing, or pi.

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