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Psychiatrists and psychologists are trained to conduct evaluations and diagnose anxiety disorders such as fear of intimacy or avoidant personality disorder.Your approach to overcoming these fears depends on why you have them in the first place, as well as how severe the fear is.You may long for intimacy, though you can’t seem to allow yourself that vulnerability.Continue reading as we explore some reasons for fear of intimacy and what you can do about it.Let them know you’re available to listen, but don’t push them into revealing the source of their fears.

The main treatment for avoidant personality disorders is psychotherapy. It’s not easy, but keep in mind that their fear of intimacy is not about you personally.

Sexual abuse in childhood can lead to fear of intimate emotional or sexual relationships.

Such abuse can make it challenging to trust another person enough to become intimate.

Fear of intimacy may be rooted in fear of being rejected, so you never take those first steps toward building a relationship.

You may fear rejection because it happened to you before or you’ve seen it happen to others and you don’t want to experience that kind of hurt.

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