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recommend this for most things in life, but when you send a naughty text, you automatically become a little vulnerable: You're either declaring something you want or showing off something you have for someone else to digest (and potentially, but hopefully not, judge).So even though you're going out of your way to tell your partner how hot you're feeling, stay within the lines of what you're comfortable with during your sexting session.Revenge porn shouldn't—but does—happen, so no matter how much you love and trust your partner now, you should still take precautions to protect yourself.Staying anonymous (that includes avoiding shots of any moles, birthmarks, etc.) is the best way to make sure your risqué text doesn't come back to haunt you in the future. When they're kissing again, I could stare for hours.

And when you begin, start with a sext that's not necessarily NSFW and see how they respond.

This should go without saying, but if dirty talk (verbal or typed) makes you feel more weird and uncomfortable than empowered and turned on, there's absolutely no reason to move forward.

Same goes if your partner feels objectified or skeeved out by it.

“ At night when I look at Boris' goatee lying on the pillow I get hysterical. And if you are afraid of being fucked publicly I will fuck you privately.

O Tania, where now is that warm cunt of yours, those fat, heavy garters, those soft, bulging thighs? I will ream out every wrinkle in your cunt, Tania, big with seed. I will tear off a few hairs from your cunt and paste them on Boris' chin.

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