Seasonal dating finance

Around Christmas, the studios release serious pictures expected to gain Academy Award attention together with big-budget films that are aimed at the entire family.

For truly seasonal businesses, there are often situations beyond the business's control that cause sales to fluctuate wildly each year, with almost no way to predict what will happen in any given year.

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If the snow does fall, then all sales are final, and the merchant was able to sell all his snowblowers at full price.

If the snow does not fall, then the merchant normally has taken out a special insurance policy that will cover most of his or her losses from the special sale, which has now turned out to be a worst-case scenario.

There are predictable events that can influence sales in every month of the year.(The reverse of this situation for summer resorts is a summer that is colder and rainier than usual.) One winter can be extremely snowy, while the next can see almost no snowfall, with very little chance of consistently predicting which way a winter will turn out in advance.Some businesses use this uncertainty to their advantage, offering unique sales pitches revolving around the snow, or lack of it.These seasonal events affect different industries and businesses differently.For example, January is a good month for health club memberships as well as self-help books and programs.

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