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Click on "Save" button and close the script window. // Rev 1.1 made API use first name as the Hypergid names were too long // Chatbot for Personality Forge. // // Rez object on ground, drop in this script, it will request permissions to attach, and then attach to the left hand, if permission is granted.// // Select the object you are editing and with the right mouse button click on "Take" to put it into "My Inventory / Objects". Yeasch script saves about 200 prim animations when compiled into mono. If permission is denied, then the script complains. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 This example can demonstrate ownership transfer of an object on a temporary basis using ll Attach To Avatar Temp().This script is the 'runtime' engine for the animation effects..

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Low lag Follower script for birds, horse and other things that flock.Archipelis - // // Click on the "Create" button of the build window.Click somewhere on the floor to create a second object (whatever it is, cube, cylinder...). Double click on the script called "New Script" that has been created.You can call this object "Archipelis Rez" but it is not mandatory. Copy the content of the file called "Archipelis Rez.txt".Replace the definition of the script by a paste action.

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