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Josh Leibowitz was the rec^kmirt cm duty at Salley Hall on Sunday when calls came in reporting that close to 18 rooms were dr^iched.He said he agrees with Qrmm th&t the i Mr(rf)lem haa generally been ignored. Iloal a Mo^ complain Amt lack of maintenance and wwdd Iflw to mt some form of action taken," he said.In Florida over 70 percent of recipients are on less than two years, thus unaffected by a two year limit, and se to impliment thoee policies, without incorporating any student Kigge^kns.The new fmrking garage seemed to be m Nsps Ma to s Msttta* dariias, but any positive raautts w«re immediatojy nul Ufiad by tbs qatot» iinllalaral deciucm to altow fredmim to p»k en ****»p«* Look at student seato for sports on campus.FLAMBEAU Commission at-large hopefui$ explain how they're different BY CHE ODOM NEWS EDITCNI Some complained that in the Sej*. sion At-Large Group 2 spot there were just too many (»iididat4js to consider and they all sounded the sam«. 2 / Monday, October 3, 1994 Florida Flambeau BY CAROLINE MOODY FLAMBEAU WRITER Heavy rains and considerable flooding hit Tallahassee Uu8 weekend, leaving many people feeling under the il weekend rainfall drenches Panhandle, floods FSU dorm to a hi|^ ph Kc," atu B muc L Another Sal% reutot, Jonathan Gnm, sakl he'd like to see the university make it so tl Mi dam tomu mm dry inside even when it's wet out.

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« i I 4 t 'TCBVr AOIk Pkasuit Nonc Oflk Gui L (§(o)[L(o)gg/S^[L WAFFLE CONE SALE Nert Che Odom News Editor Kat Tracy ....^Associate Editor Amy Osteryoung...... Republican: What's this— a runof T for Ri^ubikans to voto to? Racklefl Ts fight against Colonial exemplifies his commitment to tl^ environment And Tumbull's sudden decision to join the reux after announcing she wasn't atxjkmg rs^lec^n for the County Coinmission is a bit disconcerting. This is a new entitlement ii PQfnai with a Inigi pfka ta& awl it ia itead al many who need no help.

What's impor- tant is to build more strong fami' Ues," said Rowe.

Moae^ saki Imdth care is an area ^ Mda mtttm M mmtim.

WVFS ( V89) airs l U weekly call-in show 6-7 tonight m flffr. Jc^n Bayard Britton, Jan M Barett, and their families.

TONIGHT Moore Auditorium pm • October 3 Free to all Sponsored by cpe. and ihe Feirtnlst vwomenli Health center For more information call CPE at 644-657?

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