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“I’m asking them all if they have a favourite cologne or perfume,” Dennis said.

“I don’t want to meet anyone with too strong a scent.

I am immigrated into Canada Originally from Southern California I was raised by the LA beaches born in Redondo Beach, I raised my children in Orange County of course the OC beaches.

I have had a lot off adventure in my life this is the first time I have had a chance to just take a moment.

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I like to say I'm down to earth but really does anyone know what this exactly means, just like being normal. My MORALS, PRINCIPALS & STANDARDS are high, as well as being Spiritual.

“The same people have been going out to the singles dinner clubs and the singles dances for the last 10 years,” Walton said.

“And people my age just aren’t into the bar scene.” Stats Can says unmarried single women outnumber unmarried single men 15,940 to 13,095 in Sarnia.

I try really hard not to break a promise because my name/word is my Honor and I'm always on time for any event ;) INTEGRITY, if you don't have it move on.

I'm interested in a positive journey with someone who will stimulate my brain, in the last quarter of my life.

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