Sara evans dating

"Obviously they're making her out to be a newcomer and she's sort of someone who came on the scene and had big hits right away.

She didn't really have to work for it, probably takes it for granted…

My son,” who goes by Avery Barker, taking his stepdad’s name after his parents’ bitter divorce, “plays guitar and drums, my middle daughter,” who took her mom’s surname and goes by Olivia Evans, “is a phenomenal singer, just incredible, so I kind of picture myself getting into that.

She adds, joking, "I'm going to be the nightmare that she didn't expect."With Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panettiere) distracted by a surprise pregnancy, Sara could fill the nemesis void for Rayna.

And while Juliette's pregnancy was obviously written-in to cover Hayden's real-life baby bump, we just had to ask who inspires those Juliette antics that we all love to hate."I can think of some people," Sara coyly answers.

But Sara tells ETonline that she and Connie Britton's character are actually cut from the same cloth."I think Rayna is a combination of me and Faith Hill and probably a little bit of Martina [Mc Bride]," Evans says.

"She's the established female artist with children, and she's sort of at this crossroads in many ways in her career."WATCH: Derek Hough shows off his acting chops on 'Nashville'she has two musically-gifted young daughters.

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