Sanaa lathan dating now

" It was kind of a perfect time in my life to do it. And I couldn’t do braids for a week; they’d get frizzy. [It feels like this is time] in terms of women of color coming into this amazing renaissance of owning who they are, and owning all of their beauty in whatever shape, size, color it is.My girlfriends would even be like, "Why aren’t you doing anything with your hair? There’s no more cookie-cutter, like, “This is the ideal." But you come out of there sparkling. If I’m gonna go to a restaurant, I’ll have some eggs, or I need to have sushi every now and then.I was talking to a friend of mine who’s around my age, and there is a thing when people look at you, and they’re like, "So..." as if you’re failing because you’re not married.

Even more, in 2016, Sanaa was rumored to be pregnant with boyfriend French Montana, however, she denied the rumors via her Tweet.Which, in Sanaa’s case, includes things like balancing a busy work schedule (see her next in season 4 of Showtime’s (due out this fall).It’s a story about a woman whose self-esteem is tied to men.One of the biggest changes in my life is that I meditate every day. She got the flu, and four days later she went to the doctor and soon after she was just gone. I had a weird kind of PTSD, because she was healthier than me. Before that, I didn’t think they were a real thing. I don’t think it’s healthy for humans to constantly compare themselves. And I think it’s the most absurd thing I’ve ever been involved with.I remember my girlfriend having them, and I was like, "Girl, just breathe," you know? By nature, even if you see someone who you adore and they’re in Fiji, automatically you go, "Well, damn, I’m here." I think the key to happiness is keeping your eyes on your path. Thank God I’ve been in this business for 20 years and have had so many rumors about me. Hair by Larry Sims using Smooth ’N Shine for Forward Artists.

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