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All the big sites have already moved over to universal HTTPS, so you shouldn’t see Not Secure warnings that often, including when browsing all pages on 9to5Mac.However, older sites, unmaintained sites, or sites run by smaller companies, may not have made the switch.Unfortunately, MU is far behind in its listing of Safari Technology Preview; Therefore, I recommend downloading it DIRECTLY from Apple via their Developer website at this page: Details about the Safari 12 ' Web Kit-Reg Ex-Exploit' are available here: https:// might help: OS_High_Sierra_and_mac OS_Sierra_beta_1/Safari_12.0.3_for_mac OS_High_Sierra_beta.dmg OS_High_Sierra_and_mac OS_Sierra_beta_1/Safari_12.0.3_for_mac OS_Sierra_Safari 12.0.2 for High Sierra: Sierra Safari 12.0.2 for Sierra: contains a critical vulnerability, currently titled ' Web Kit-Reg Ex-Exploit'.The vulnerability exists in ALL versions of Safari 12 through 12.0.2.And it gives you great ways to find and share your favorites.Put it all together, and no other browser offers such a rich web experience. for Sierra: High Sierra: Sierra See Related Links (above) or Safari 12.1.1 for Sierra: 12.1.1 for High Sierra: Sierra Safari 12.1 for Sierra: 12.1 for High Sierra: Sierra Safari 12.0.3 for Sierra: 12.0.3 for High Sierra: Sierra My late 2011 Macbook Pro would not reboot after installing this update.Not only does this version block me from my health sites, it has also wiped out every single one of my passwords and all of my extensions, rendering my computer basically worthless!If Apple does not revert back, I will never again purchase another Apple product. And Safari can't hurt your passwords - you've mucked it up yourself somehow. ) The only sites that Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera block are suspected malware sites, and you can always 'agree to proceed with the risk.' And Safari is free, by the way - you didn't "buy it."IMPORTANT!

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You are certainly no less secure than you were last week, last month or last year.You could also verify this by tapping in the address field to reveal the full URL.You are no more secure or less secure than you were with any previous Apple software update, but the idea is users can be more aware about the security privileges of the websites they are visiting.It took multiple calls to Apple Support, where one tech asked me why bother with my beloved 17" MBP, -just go buy a new laptop! What Apple has done with this latest version is a complete disgrace, and they should be ashamed of themselves!Well, for one, I DON' T like the new laptops, so I'll try to keep my MBP running as long as I possibly can. How DARE they censor what I can or cannot view on my own computer?

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