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Look a little deeper at a woman’s interests and outlook and what you are both looking for.Our unique PI test helps calculate your compatibility not just physically but psychologically too. If you are serious about finding a wife or long-term relationship it is important to know that your personalities are in tune." "Oh yes, I found her …but I was not her perfect man!" Remember to be realistic in your search if you wish to find permanent happiness.We recently heard from a man in Spain who was disappointed when he met up with some single Russian women who had looked like models in their photographs.In real life they turned out to be nothing special. Women he saw on the streets of St Petersburg struck him with their natural beauty.You will find the PI compatibility score beside each woman’s photo so that you can be confident of finding your perfect match. This service is absolutely free, even for non-members.

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Don’t make the mistake of losing out on the chance of real happiness with a Russian woman by searching endlessly for ‘the best.’ You will only end up dissatisfied instead of enjoying the company of someone real who you can love.We have found that 20% of Russian brides on our site get 80% of the attention – serious odds if you are looking for success.Take some time to think about what you may be missing out on.By all means wait for girls to contact you but you may miss out on many opportunities if you do so.If you are serious about finding a bride then being proactive greatly increases your chances.

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