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As a result, the purpose of dating was primarily to have fun, not to find a marriage partner.However, couples would form after several dates if they were interested in having more exclusive relationships." This starts to resemble what we would now conceive of as modern dating, and the ritual of courtship was left in the dust.

When a young woman decided on a man she wanted to see exclusively, their activities as a couple took place either in the household, or at social gatherings.

Credit: Denise Truscello/Wire Image In a match that would certainly be made for reality TV drama, fans are starting to speculate on whether Scheana Marie and Paul “DJ Pauly D” Del Vecchio are more than just friends.

After Scheana posted a photo of a gift he supposedly got her (with his face stuck on the right side, for that special affect) reality TV lovers have gone into a minor frenzy to figure out what it all means.

Some people look back fondly on dating, generations ago, with romantic ideas of greater morality and better values.

Others think that with all of the online apps and matchmaking websites we have today, it's never been easier to play the field.

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