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We can’t even guess how many of our clients have focused their therapy sessions on the challenges of dating after a breakup or divorce.

While some challenges are different for those who were married for decades compared to those who had a brief, intense relationship, many of the stumbling blocks are the same.

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This is ten times more effective than asking her, “Do you like monogamous relationships? However, if you aren’t filthy rich and still would like to have a sugar baby, you can visit Cuba where local girls won’t disappoint you.

That’s because many Cuban beauties consider Western men very wealthy. Of course, everything is negotiable, so you should discuss terms and conditions with your Cuban sugar baby from the beginning.

In the end, it’s really up to you when it comes to expectations in a sugar relationship with a Cuban sugar baby.

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STDs are quite common in Cuba and you don’t really know who you are sleeping with in this country.

” If she says, “Yes, it’s too boring”, then you know she shouldn’t become your wife.

If she disagrees with you, that means she is probably your potential Cuban bride. Instead, simply ask her if she would like a cigarette or how many cigarettes she needs every day. We all know that having a sugar baby is very expensive in Western countries such as the United States and Australia.

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