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When it comes to identity, Leblanc’s intended to be a fast-paced combo-oriented assassin that uses misdirection and deceit to make her opponent’s heads spin.

In reality, however, things play out a little differently.

While combos are certainly the name of Leblanc’s game, her largest issue is how little deceiving and misdirecting she actuallyends up doing.

When your biggest mind-game ability is also the one you double-cast to blow someone up, something’s gotta give.

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To the rock-climbers and free-runners of the Rift, this one’s for you.

This lets us ease up on a lot of the base-stat restrictions needed to artificially keep her down, given that Katarina’s opponents always have a clue as to when and how she might move in for the kill.

As a result of the changes, it’s important to talk about one key line below: Katarina can no longer target wards with Shunpo.

The notes are plenty long on their own, so we’ll let you scour the pages below to learn all about them.

All in all, pre-season is a time of chaos and change.

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