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However, their exteriors don’t signify gloomy, brooding hipsters.

Instead, the xx showcases a genuine vulnerability that stems from timidity and honesty. Their eponymous 2009 debut was a down-tempo R&B stunner in which every guitar note, bass line, and drum beat is precise, sparse and dripping with emotion.

Vulnerability is a staple of the xx, and it comes in spades on “I See You.” Sim and Croft get more personal than ever, with the former tackling his partying addiction in tracks like “A Violent Noise” and “Replica,” where he asks, “Do I chase the night, or does the night chase me?

” Jamie xx supplements the song with melancholy steel drums that sound counterintuitively unhappy, like a person playing reggae music on a rainy day in a vain effort to cheer themselves up.

The xx is unlike any other band today, simply because nothing about them is as it seems.

Looking at the British trio—vocalist-guitarist Romy Madley Croft, vocalist-bassist Oliver Sim and producer-programmer Jamie xx—with their all-black outfits and hair, you might expect them to churn out moody post-punk.

While these dramatic moments are strong additions to “I See You,” the album is successful because it injects even the most upbeat songs with vulnerability and emotion.Yet through all this upheaval, some things remain the same.The melodies feel as deliberate as before, with no note out of place.There are more established names up for the prize (Paul Weller, Dizzee Rascal, Corinne Bailey Rae) but the xx have been taking the music world by stealth not storm, creeping up on the slow lane with one of the most original yet seductively approachable debut albums in recent memory.It never even broke into the UK top thirty (peaking at number 31, although that is likely to change now) but it has already quietly notched up over 150,000 British sales, with another 179,000 in America (where it just scraped into the top 100, at number 92). Everything about the xx is low key and understated. Indeed, so minimalistic is the xx’s ethos that when keyboard player Baria Qureshi left right before a gig, they opted not to replace her, instead boiling down their already basic arrangements to accommodate a three piece of drums, bass and guitar. It was strange to watch them in that context, performing to a packed marquee, the stage so dark you could barely make out the unsmiling trio dressed in black.

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