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Not even this bibliography can contain every book in which somebody gets a slap on the behind or a threat of a slap or a spanking. 142 Cordelia innocently violates Islamic law, she is publically caned, but her clothes are not removed. When spanking him for an infraction, the observant narrator notices that the boy is really a girl. 70 A woman has her dress ripped off, her panty hose peeled off and is spanked. 138-145 A teenage girl relates a series of spankings given her by her uncle.

I tried to include those books with scenes which would appeal to somebody as obsessed as I am. 39 Audrina hears Vera being spanked on the bare with a belt by her father, the father denies that he did it. 89 Audrina sees her father spank Vera on her panties. (p) Annandale, Barbara, HIGH BARBAREE, Ballantine,1980. From then on he spanks her, he spanks other hers, and she is spanked by other hims. 190-1 A woman gets fed up and spanks a thirteen year old girl, and tells her that she will do it again whenever it’s needed. Balkey, Rita, PASSION’S DISGUISE, Zebra Heartfire, 1988. 212-3 A woman gets publically switched on her bare bottom as part of a plot to fool the Redcoats. (h) Bart, Peter, and Denne Peiticlerc, DESTINIES, Doubleday, 1951. 254 The hero plays a game with his girlfriend in which they act out the way famous scenes in literature should have ended. (h) Bass, Ellen, I NEVER TOLD ANYONE, Colophon, 1983. 71 The author remembers a childhood occasion on which she and her two brothers were to be spanked.

THE DEFINITIVE (PROVISIONAL) ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY OF SPANKING SCENES IN NOVELS — These are only books. She is disappointed that he is not immediately moved to make love. She is impressed as she never managed that much devilment, though she blames that on her father not caring enough to discipline her that often. 356: In the epilog, five-year-old Theresa Medina Hunter (Aaron & Maxie’s child) tells her Uncle Jim that her ma had beat her butt for riding a dangerous horse.(p) pp. (h) Brodkey, Harold, STORIES OF AN ALMOST CLASSICAL MODE, Knopf, 1988. 302-3 A little boy plays games with his sister which involve her spanking him. (h) Bronson, Anita, LUCY EMMETT: OR A LADY OF QUALITY, Fawcett, 1979 pp.

If you want the list of movies, please contact Steve : see at the contact page Some of us are obsessed with spanking. (h) Bouton, Ruthie, GAL: A TRUE LIFE, Harcourt, 1994 pp. She asks that she keep her drawers on, but is refused, and given a long, hard switching. 247: Harriet (heroine) remembers when her mother had spanked her as a child for reading her father’s copy of Dante’s INFERNO and admiring the lurid illustration of a near naked man. 70-1: When Lucy is a young teenager, her father takes her into the barn, locks the door, and turns her over his knee. There is then several pages of back and forth as to why she was spanked (“beaten” as she and almost all other brattish imps of females always want to portray a spanking…..

The man is very dense in the face of this womanly provocation. 221 Maia watches a woman being whipped and finds herself strangely excited. 250 Maia herself gets spanked by the High Counselor.

He turns down the opportunity she is handing him and then has the colossal gall to say that spanking is alright for children but she is a woman!!!

44 The narrator gets spanked with a hairbrush for lying about going to school. 131 Her little sister is spanked for throwing a tantrum. Carmichael, Emily, AUTUMNFIRE, Warner, 1987 pp 86-7 The eponymous heroine throws a plateful of stew in her captor’s face, and is soundly spanked and kissed. Chamberlain, Ann, REIGN OF THE FAVORED WOMEN, Tom Doherty, 1998. (h) Chamoislaw, Patrick, SCHOOL DAYS, U of Nebraska Press, 1997. 84-5 Papa spanks his son at school in front of the class. 106 Some words on what was worst when his mother spanked him. Very good description of punishments administered in an orphan school where Chaplin studied. pp 91-2 A couple is bickering, he ends it by putting her under his arm, lifting her clothes and spanking her long and hard. (h) Chesney, Marion, THE EDUCATION OFF MISS PATTERSON, Signet, 1985. 39 The old “throw something, get a spanking” routine. 143-4 Two boys are reported to their mother for stealing tomatoes. 173-6 Sutra threatens and then canes his daughter with a thin bamboo.

But I am obsessed with spanking and I can and did find redeeming social value in almost every spanking reference I came across. 28: Ashley Beaumont’s friend Lori teases her about the time when she was twelve and Dane Carmichael had spanked her quite soundly. 43: Dane calls her the Beaumont brat and she retorts about him chastising twelve-year-olds. Allyne, Kerry, THE WOOL KING, Harlequin #2205, 1978. 128 This heroine gets spanked on her jeans by her guardian. Brutal descriptions of punishment in a Spanish reform school. (p)Andrew, Prudence, A SPARKLE FROM THE COAL, Putnam, 1965. 70 A boy is switched by his father (h) Andrew, Prudence, CONSTANT STAR, 1964. 178 A young lady gets pregnant, her father takes her out to beat her with a rope, she strips down and lies on a table in preparation for her beating, but her father doesn’t go through with it. 132-3 A man spanks his fiance to remind her he will be in charge when they get married. (p) Arlen, Leslie, LOVE AND HONOR, Jove Book, 1980. 135-140 A new Russian wife discovers that her husband intends to cane her. Arnow, Harriet Simpson, OLD BURNSIDE, University Press of Kentucky, 1977. 107 A boy is paddled in class for missing spelling words. 38 A fifteen year old girl is caught in serious misbehavior by her father and is beaten naked with a stick in front of assembled onlookers. Adair, Dennis & Janet Rosenstock, STORY OF CANADA : WILDFIRES, Avon, 1983 pp. 231: A woman mentions to a man she is talking to that he will next be threatening her with a spanking. But most of us share some characteristics, spanking dominates our sexual fantasies, we have been interested in spanking for as long as we can remember, and we spent a significant part of our childhood trying to satisfy our interest while keeping what we were convinced was a unique interest (“I always thought I was the only one! ”) secret from those normal people who dated the prom queen and had their first sexual experience at age 11 with a fantastically horny neighborhood woman. Bean, Amelia THE FANCHER TRAIN, Ace, 1958 [There is a known hardback edition extant – but it is not at hand right now.] pp. pp 118-9 LB was a fairly prolific writer for the paperbacks in 1950’s-60’s, and not infrequently inserted a c.p. This one, in which a woman is briefly thrashed with a belt, is not one of her best efforts, but the only one currently on hand.

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