Restore ipad to factory settings without updating

Ofcourse, before anything, sync it for last time and then do Shift Restore... You can't restore to "any firmware version you want".

If the hashes check out against the firmware file you are trying to install, i Tunes proceeds with the firmware installation.Although you can erase all content and settings as instructed by Larry, that will not reinstall a fresh copy of i OS 7.0.4.So if you have a problem in i OS 7 I don't think it will work.One such tool can request and store the "OK" replies and then use i Tunes to restore your phone to any firmware for which the replies have been stored. This is a very stupid deicsion on Apple's part, and I bet you it has everything to do with combatting the now legal jailbreaking stuff. When I read this I was pretty disappointed, as i wanted to finish unlocking my phone without 'upgrading' to i OS6 and I needed to restore to do this, and when you restore .... I was able to get around this by resetting my phone, wiping all the settings and data (which suited me as I was selling it) and then replugging it back in.Just leave it alone Apple, and provide us with the high quality customer service we're used to when talking Apple. As soon as I did, I was told my phone was unlocked - without a restore. The suggestion PVA-92 gives sounds like it solves the original poster's problem. That way the person who purchases it can choose whether or not they want to update to ios 6.

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